Partial cargo transportation ( LTL)

We work with many terminals in European countries. Loads of up to 2 pallets are collected through partner terminals in Europe. Larger cargoes are collected directly by groupage truck “on wheels“.

All partial cargoes are delivered to JSC KELIN warehouse in Vilnius, where cargo preparation for further transportation is carried out. In Vilnius, all the necessary procedures for the further transportation of cargo are carried out: preparation of CMRs, formalisation of transit documents and other procedures.

We select the most optimal transportation option for the customer, according to his needs and the desired delivery time. This way of delivery (partial load shipment) reduces the cost of transportation without compromising the safety of the goods being transported. We help our customers to take full advantage of partial cargo transportation: inexpensive and reliable door-to-door delivery of cargo, and so on. We analyse the needs of the client and offer the optimal transportation route and price.

Close cooperation with terminals in Europe and reliable transport companies allows us to maintain a flexible and stable pricing policy and maintain a high level of service.

Consolidated partial shipments to Minsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg are sent from ours warehouse in Vilnius every Friday.

Partial Freight Routes and Delivery Time

From Europe:

LT, LV – Minsk – 2 days;

LT, LV – Moscow, St. Petersburg – 3/4 days;

PL, CZ, SK, SE, NO, FIN (excluding North Scandinavia) – Minsk – 6/7 days;

PL, CZ, SK, SE, NO, FIN (except North of Scandinavia) – Moscow, St. Petersburg – 8/9 days;

D, A, HU- Minsk – 7/8 days;

D, A, HU- Moscow, St. Petersburg – 10/11 days;

IT, F, UK (except Scotland) – Minsk – 9/10 days;

IT, F, UK (except Scotland) – Moscow, St. Petersburg – 12/13 days;

IRL, E, P- Minsk – 12/13 days;

IRL, E, P- Moscow, St. Petersburg – 16/17 days.

We carry dangerous (ADR) and temperature controlled partial loads!

We started collecting partial loads from Russia to Europe!

Weekly cargo transportation from the warehouse in Odintsovo (Moscow region) consolidates cargo to Europe via warehouse in Vilnius. We provide the services for the delivery of goods from the sender to the warehouse in the city of Odintsovo, assist in Russian customs export formalities.